Target groups

HAPADS will enable end-users (drivers, transport companies, municipalities and the at-large public) to make information-driven decisions to mitigate air pollution exposure for personnel and to the public.

HAPADS will enable professional drivers to monitor air pollution levels inside the cabin, thereby limiting exposure to dangerous concentrations by informing decisions such as turning on/off ventilation, opening/closing the vehicle windows, etc. (individual interface, private use case).

HAPADS will provide the data to public entities to make a pollution map in near real time that can help the citizens with choose the proper routes to travel, residential areas to buy apartments (municipal, public use case).

HAPADS is a new generation of nitrogen dioxide (NO2), particulate matter (PM)-detection integrated sensor, which will allow:

  • monitoring of air quality in vehicular cabin by using both in-cab and outdoor measurements.
  • widespread monitoring of air pollution on a large scale (street, urban) by using outdoor measurements through deployed sensors on the vehicles.